Eco-friendly and power saving lighting solutions

One stop shop for all lighting solutions
Professional Lighting

Commercial Lighting

Innovative and efficient lighting solutions.

Industrial lighting

Customised lighting solutions for any
industrial space.

Outdoor lighting and city beautification

Wide array of lighting fixtures
with advanced optics.

Retail Lighting Beautification

State of the art LED range with
precise beam angels.
Consumer Lighting

LED Bulbs

High lumen efficacy range
available from 0.5W to 50W.

LED Tube and Battens

Polycarbonate and Aluminium heat sink range
available from 9W to 36W.

LED Downlighters and Panels

Polycarbonate and Aluminium heat sink range available from 2W to 24W.

Flood lights and street lights

High efficiency and durable range available
from 30W to 100W.
About LED


Indiabulls LED provides state of the art commercial and residential lighting solutions. Designed to maximise power savings and ensure a completely eco-friendly offering, cutting edge design and technology is adopted every step of the way. With a 7 year warranty for the product line ranging across all lighting requirements in commercial and residential spaces, Indiabulls LED promises to provide quality whilst ensuring maximum saving to the end consumer.


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